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From: Christopher Goodheart safetrek@mcn.net Subject: World War III Plans Exposed

URGENT NEWS - World War III Plans Exposed

An Open Letter To Our Representatives On Capitol Hill by Christopher Goodheart, URGENT NEWS Editor

"The strength of the Constitution lies in the will of the people to defend it." - Thomas Edison

FORWARD: Consider here the documented facts that include CDC's shameful role in developing contaminated vaccines AS PART OF A FAR MORE SERIOUS THREAT TO THE SOVEREIGN RIGHTS OF AMERICANS UNDER THE CONSTITUTION. Please block Clinton's current nomination of CDC Director David Satcher as U.S. Surgeon General and assistant secretary for health at the Department of Health and Human Services.

Dear Vigilant Friend of Freedom:

This letter has been e-mailed to our representatives in the House and Senate as a last-ditch effort to defend the Constitution and avert the terror, death and hell that is planned for the American people by the same people behind the death of the Kennedy’s, behind the massive Mena Arkansas drug imports, and behind many other "black operations" ranging from Cambodia’s Golden Triangle to the unexploded bombs that were found on the columns inside the Oklahoma City Murray Building. (go to www.urgent.safetrek.com/big.htm for details)

This is a serious warning to all of US regarding domestic enemies that are planning an attack on the America people with biological warfare agents that could kill thousands if not millions of Americans… creating chaos in major cities nationwide, collapse of the stock market, and nuclear attack by China and North Korea. Both of these arch-enemies of America have been accelerating war preparations this last year with unprecedented financial and technology aid from top power elite insiders; there’s uncanny parallel to Wall Street aid behind the arms industry build-up of Germany and Japan prior to World War II.

The method to this madness and the virtual insanity of insane – virtually satanic -- "powers that be" behind the scenes of big business/big government (Big Brother) collusion can now be understood easily and quickly by the masses of Americans through the video or book called EMERGING VIRUSES by Dr. Len Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H. (Masters in Public Health). Speaking at Safe-Trek’s Round-Table Seminar* of experts about a week ago, Horowitz documents the paper trail behind the intrigue and treachery of those who created and deployed AIDS in America and worldwide. And he details the insidious nature of "Project Paperclip" that not only brought over top NAZI rocket scientists after the war (for NASA) but also brought over Hitler’s top geneticists and virologists who continued their "ethnic cleansing" agenda in our bio-warfare labs in collusion with the medical industry.

Horowitz has uncovered the irrefutable evidence that proves the who, what, where and how behind hepatitis B vaccines laced with live AIDS virus that targeted homosexuals and blacks in New York, San Francisco and Central Africa (via the UN’s World Health Organization), and this is exactly where the AIDS disease exploded from.

Concerning a much broader population reduction agenda, Horowitz names the names and prints the contracts that show who and how the power elite insiders within the defense establishment have initiated the genocide of millions of American people with the contamination of polio vaccines that has "seeded" the entire baby boom generation with cancer viruses; as age takes it’s toll and our immune systems can no longer keep these laboratory created retroviruses in check, these "biological time bombs" are now activating with one out of three boomers getting cancer.

And Horowitz details the complete story behind the intrigue and treachery whereby the population control agenda of this power-mad power elite has killed millions of "sheeple" they consider "useless eaters" or "potential militia" through a wide range of vaccines ranging from DPT shots for children to the shots given to Gulf War vets. Horowitz relays the most compelling information to date to confirm that designer viruses in pre-war vaccines are the cause of the Gulf War Syndrome that has killed or seriously sickened more than 200,000 vets already and is rapidly spreading among their children and wives.

A common sense, non-emotional and otherwise objective evaluation of the information provided by Horowitz at this seminar will reveal what any serious student of unadulterated history will tell you. That the same people who financed and profited from both sides of World Wars I and II, the Vietnam War, and many other global conflicts have likewise made a killing by creating and treating disease through the military/medical industrial complex. Clearly the "War on Cancer" was a medical Vietnam and the medical-industrial complex is now far more entrenched and bigger than the military-industrial complex ever was. Indeed, the first thing the Clintons did after the election was to follow the directive of David Rockefeller, Trilateral Commission founder and Chairman, to take over (socialize) 1/5th of the economy -- the health care system – that the Rockefeller oligarchy monopolizes.

Studies show that 97.5% of what we call "health care" is in fact disease care - the diagnosis and treatment of disease rather than it’s prevention. The most powerful special interests in the United States are driven by corporate law that favors shareholders before the public whenever profits are at stake. This gives incentive to the interlocked food and drug companies to sell the American public on the Big Lie of disease care as health care. From cradle to grave, population control is waged on the American public through mass media mind control; food and drug adds dominate the mass media, indirectly causing disease through highly processed chemical-laced "food"… and then directly treating disease through more chemicals (drugs) for whatever ails you.

This sick "health care" system thus creates and manages a sickly, weak-willed and dumbed-down public that is too sick and tired to realize how "we the people" are manipulated by mass programming of the mass mind. The fact is that more than a million American die prematurely every year because our "health care" system cares far more for the creation and treatment of disease than its prevention.

There’s no one more enslaved than those who THINK they are free when, in fact, all of their choices are manipulated, programmed (TV) or otherwise orchestrated by politically correct power elite special interests.

Common sense has become uncommon regarding the huge self-destructive disease-care system called "health care" because the politics and economics (for power and profit) are far more complex and intimidating to the "sheeple" than the science of biological correct health-building and disease prevention. Indeed, common sense has been turned on it’s head for financially expedient profits. It’s just "good business" (for profit) that a pound of cure is worth 16 times an ounce of prevention. And the most powerful special interests in America have a corporate responsibility (vested interest) in keeping it that way.

Now we have proof that their agenda is to reduce US population to 45% current levels. The issue is that the Internet is waking up the world to the power trips of the power elite, and the need to make them accountable. Which explains why they want to accelerate their agenda and formula for success; the creation and management of disease and death.

This would be much more difficult to understand if you did not know the history of the key players who have been getting away with murder for generations. Early in the century, robber barons Rockefeller and Carnegie created a medical monopoly by financing 1640 medical schools with pharmacology at the core of the curriculum, turning out "ethical" drug-pushers every since because they outright owned or indirectly controlled most of the drug companies. This same Rockefeller (John D.) also financed legislation that virtually destroyed the dominance of natural cure modalities such as naturopathy (herbs) and homeopathy. Later he merged his cartel of monopolies in numerous fields (oil, chemicals, drugs, banking and communications) with the IG Farben cartel of monopolies in Europe that brought Hitler to power. Rocky even loaned out his image-maker, Ivy Lee, to appraise the PR potential of Hitler before they brought him to power as their front man.

While old John D. was destroying nature-based medicine in America and setting up Hitler to enforce his IG Farben cartel agreements throughout Europe, he had a naturopathic and homeopathic doctor keeping him in peek shape into his 90’s. Rocky’s oil tankers kept Hitler’s war machine going through the war along with his coal-gasification technology. Insider collusion pulled strings at the highest levels and we now know that Roosevelt had prior knowledge of the attack on Pearl Harbor even as the insiders had prior knowledge (actually set up) the bombing of the Murray Building in Oklahoma City.

Horowitz documents how much of the NAZI war chest went into purchasing controlling interest in America’s largest pharmaceutical companies who then contracted for biological weapons development via Hitler’s in-house scientists. The chilling conclusion to the chain of events since then is undeniable to any mature adult who would rather know a grievous truth than live in wishful fantasy.

The Trilateral Commission "insiders" have already published their intent to reduce world population to 10% current levels (Global 2000 Report) and the CFR’s own insider newsletter has expressed it’s intent to help that process along in the US to approx. 45 % current population levels. This agenda is well on its way through immune-whacking vaccines they injected us with when we were children.

Given a little radiation – for a huge whack on our collective immune systems -- and you’ll see a massive pandemic of cancers virtually overnight. To finish off what an anthrax and/or plague bio-attack doesn’t accomplish, the international power elite long ago created the nuclear arms race with their "MAD" system of "Mutual Assured Destruction". Horowitz documents how it was Kissenger leading both nuclear and bio-warfare initiatives.

You can expect that biological warfare attack to come from a "black operation" directed by the insiders here in America. Why? BECAUSE THEY’VE ALREADY MADE SUCH AN ATTACK, KILLING MILLIONS OF US WITH CONTAMINATED VACCINES! And they can easily clone another Lee Harvey McVeigh scapegoat if not implicate the entire patriot movement as a pretext to putting the true defenders of America into the "detention centers" (concentration camps) that FEMA has ready and waiting around the US.

Horowitz clearly shows the pattern whereby the insiders have consistently announced their evil intent in veiled messages through their mass media mouthpieces. They almost always set us up with pre-programming to get us used to the agendas they have planned for us. Like self-fulfilling prophecy they warn us of dangers and then create the very same problem they would "save us" from. But their "salvation" is anything but! For example, in the name of saving the children at Waco, they fried ‘em. In the name of saving the children of America, they’ve injected them with contaminated vaccines for more than 20 years. And right now, in the name of the urgent "health" needs of children, Clinton is pushing hard with an agenda to vaccinate every child with Hepatitis B vaccines; Horowitz says that recent checks have shown these vaccines to be extremely contaminated.

Another "set up" is more ominous; almost everyday we are being warned in the media that a "biological attack" is imminent at any time. This would be a convenient tactic to transfer blame for the collapse of the stock market which the insiders fully intend to milk all the way down as they did with the S & L fiasco. The savings and pension funds of millions of Americans will be gone, and that in itself will depress the immune system, triggering the seeded viruses in many adults.

It’s critical that people prepare physically, mentally and spiritually for what will come if our representative in government do not soon make accountable or otherwise bring under control the numerous tentacles of the "octopus" of big business/big government (fascist/Big Brother) vested interests in America.

I suggest that THE MOST IMPORTANT PLACE TO BEGIN IS RON PAUL'S HR 1146. In Ron Paul's own words:

"One of the most popular pieces of legislation I have introduced is HR 1146, The American Sovereignty Restoration Act.

"In short, this bill calls for the immediate withdrawal of the United States from the United Nations, including an end to the participation of US troops in UN police actions. This legislation is so important because it is a first step in stopping the march toward a "one world government" through the many other multilateral agencies, such as the IMF, the World Bank and the newly created World Trade Organization. AND THE UN'S WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION THAT DEPLOYED AIDS VACCINES)

"Our Constitution does not give Congress the authority to cede our national sovereignty to an international body. Even under the treaty provisions of the Constitution, it is not permissible.

Our reps quite often do not see the light until they feel the heat. Let them know that HONOR for America and a future for our children begins with Ron Paul's legislation that restores sovereignty "of, by and for the people". Tell our reps that you want the medical monopoly in America deregulated so that alternative health cures for cancer, AIDS and emerging viruses can be encouraged. Demand a full investigation of the military/medical industrial complex and their CIA/NAZI connections since World War II. And above all, read Horowitz’s book or view his video on "Emerging Viruses"; this is perhaps the most scholastic documentation to date to expose the treachery of those among us who began a silent war against the American people 20 years ago and are now about to trigger World War III via biological and nuclear warfare meant to enslave us if not kill us outright. I also recommend Steve Quayle’s definitive preparedness manual for biological/chemical warfare called, "Breath No Evil" (800/424-7870)

For Christ’s sake, "Feed my sheep"; warn the American public of the infamy of this arrogant, corrupt and virtually satanic power elite (and political lackeys) who have promised safety, health and security for our loved ones while in fact setting us up for the kill.

To deny what is about to happen in America is to deny the documented proof that Horowitz provides right before your eyes. Order his books and tapes from his home page at www.tetrahedron.org or, for a limited time, get his 594 page/$29.95 book free along with 4 hours of his recent lecture (9-1-97) where he details the Rockefeller-Kissenger-Bush NAZI connection and the rise of the 4th Reich in America.

That free offer comes with a one year order of food from SafeTrek. Personally, I don’t care were you order your food reserves from, but I can tell you that SafeTrek Food Reserves are competitive (quality and price) with other suppliers. Wherever you get them, I suggest you do it fast. The government just made it illegal to order army surplus MRE’s and they may soon make long-term food storage illegal. Why? To force you to turn in your guns to get food rations. Food is always used as a weapon when corrupt governments turn to genocide of their own people. They’ve already done that with vaccines in America. And their time is short because their "fruits" are apparent.

The true test of spirituality is practicality. Hope and pray for the best and specifically for the binding of the wolves in sheep’s clothing among us.

Prepare for the worst. Stick to your guns. And shoot straight.

Yours for a safe trek, Christopher Goodheart

PS - It was revealed at the last week’s SafeTrek Seminar that numerous top secret underground cities have been built around the United States for the power elite to escape into when World War III begins. Col. Hammerman witnessed to the giant nuclear tunneling machines he has seen that melt the rock tailing into a glass-like wall lining. I’ve heard multiple reports of the 14 giant underground retreats beneath the resorts that the Rockefeller cartel families have recently built along the east coast of Australia where the prevailing winds of the world are least likely to bring the radiation they know will be circulating big time. In two weeks, the lethal level of radiation following detonation is down to livable levels. Radiation is very survivable when you know how, even with expedient back yard preparations. Quite often, the "chosen" are often those who simply choose.

"Evil will succeed only if enough good people do nothing." - Burke

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