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Although the People have been defrauded for several generations by the Elite Power Class, we can peacefully resume our course as a Nation under God by simply shouldering the responsibility for Freedom and getting to work...

A Christian Concept

Bible and Law
Born outside the jurisdiction of evil
Revocation of STATE birth certificate

Civil Responsibilities

America is a land favored by God with Freedom and Justice for all. We have fallen from God's Grace by our god-less behavior as a Nation.  We must return to Godly Government or we will surely suffer the fate of the Soviet Union and other nations we see crumbling into chaos all around the world.

Don't allow Judges to trample your rights
If Every One went to court instead of "taking a plea"
Never Call a Polliceman
Don't be surprised when you become the object of Gestapo police tactics.
Cowards should have Police protection
The rest of us People should be free to defend ourselves as the need arises.  I have no problem with criminals; seems like ONLY the Police attack me without provocation.

Military makes bad C.O.P.s

Citizens patroling their own neighborhoods strengthen community security and spirit.
Remember, they're always disarmed before slaughter!
"I'm from the Government, I'm here to help you."
Governments have regularly gone bad throughout history
The unfortunate truth about gun control
Military Law in America Today
How we are deceived by ordinary terms with BIG consequences

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