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I am currently suing over a hundred public officials for abuse of power and deprivation of my rights.... I'm accusing them here and now of Treason and Sedition.   I'm prepared to meet any or all of them in any public arena for a . . .

Trial by Combat

Is in the interest of substantial Justice
Is in the best interest of Judicial Economy
Is the Oldest, most sure of all Law

Common Sense

In view of the fact that the Defendant Government Criminals that I am currently suing for the deprivation of my personal civil rights are using YOUR TAX money to defend themselves, I believe that the Right Thing To Do is to insist that they each and every one meet me, man to man, or woman for that matter.  Did these criminals ask you before they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to "defend" themselves from their own criminal activity?

A modest proposal
We will place all the legal actions "on the table" and open the discussion to public "donations" to be tallied as a statement of Public Opinion and contributed to The HomeLess. 
    Each legal action will have a prosecutor and a defendant participant.  
I suggest that the defendant chooses the weapon. 
    In all of the actions wherein I am "defendant" I will go on record here as choosing NO WEAPONS.  Any defendants must understand that anything they bring with them CAN and WILL be used against them in a Court of Combat. 
Christian Forgiveness Supercedes all other Law
Defendants have immediate Forgiveness from me upon application in the blessed name of our Lord Jesus.
Combat continues until one concedes
Death is unnecessary.  I am at Peace with my Fellowman.

Government officials I accuse of felony activities

Douglas County Sheriffs, Spyderco and the I.R.S.
I.R.S. levies taxes on money stolen by Spyderco Comptroller and President, begins an unbelievable chain of events. . . . 
Jefferson County Judges, Lutherans and the Liarz, Esquires
Money goes, the preacher's daughter wants an "expensive" divorce,  same ol' story goes sour. . .
Golden & Greenwood Gestapo, Roy Romer S.W.A.T.
Three days in jail for "no valid I.D." at work, Six days in jail after S.W.A.T. Team crashes through front door with battering ram and fully automatic weapons and in full riot gear.  Six Months in Solitary confinement for insisting upon Constitutional Rights in Henry Nieto's Kangaroo Courts.

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