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Why would anyone want to be a sheriff?

Sheriff is Chief Executive Officer in the County

The EverLiving God created the People
The People form the County Body Politic
The Colorado Republic serves the Counties
The united States Republic serves the States

Common Law is the Supreme Law of the Land

The People of Colorado are guaranteed a Republican form of government by both it's own Constitution and also by the Constitution for the united States of America. 

It is the Sheriff's sworn duty to protect and defend this great People/County/State/Nation and the Constitutions, Charters and Treaties which define the Laws thereof.

I know the Law
I'm pleased to participate in public debates on any issue relevant to this elected position.
I'm prepared to litigate in a court of Law (Article III)
I'm eager to pursue legal and proper action against the numerous conspiratorial defendants in the four Civil Rights Violation suits before the Tenth Federal District Court.  Habeas Corpus applications have been made before both the Federal Court and the Colorado Supreme Court. 
I will fight, as a last resort, for my Freedom, or yours.
Physical combat is always a last resort.  Roy Romer and Maurice Knaizer ordered the Jefferson County S.W.A.T. Team to mount a full military combat offensive upon my domicile because of the legal knowledge and combat capability they believe that I possess.  Audio tape of the S.W.A.T. offensive is available at several local media stations and will soon be available on line.

The Sheriff is responsible for EVERY Citizen held in physical custody, like in jail.

I will strive to protect every Citizen's Right to Due Process of Law!  Jailing the People for victimless crimes will no longer be standard operating procedure.

Jail Overcrowding will be eliminated
90 percent of Inmate/Detainees are unlawfully incarcerated for crimes against the STATE, not REAL crimes against the People.  How could we have strayed so far from reason so as to imprison our brethren for crimes against a piece of paper?
Court Docket Overcrowding will be eliminated
90 percent of Courts actions are "Administrative in nature" and void process involving Fraud and deception that You, the People would doubtfully enter into willingly if You, the People knew what you were getting into..
Unlawful service of void warrants will be eliminated
90 percent of the current Sheriff's Department tasks are "administrative in nature" and are IN FACT unlawful activities and can be eliminated with ONLY positive results for the community.
Enforcing the law of the Land, Only; and refusing to enforce any and all codes, rules, statues, executive orders and "laws" which are repugnate to our Colorado Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights  - found in Article II, inclusive,  and the Constitution for the united States of America, specifically found in the original Ten Articles of the Bill of Rights will serve to immediately correct a number of inter-related problems.

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