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OUR FOUNDING FATHERS WANTED ALL MEN TO BE EQUAL IN THE EYES OF THE LAW. Our founding fathers wanted a nation in which all men were equal, not a nation where some are more equal than others. As a result they took the method of petition from the English common law and made it a part of our Constitution. When our Constitution says that we have the right to petition the government, our founding fathers meant that we had the right to sue the government. In England, at the time our nation was founded it was common for the English citizen to sue his King by the common law right of petition, by Monstrands de droit, by Travese, and by Petition of Right. There were also numerous other methods used by the people to sue the King.

At that time of our revolution, the King controlled the press and many of he Judges, and therefore he had access to the press to pass lies about the rights of the people. Therefore, many Kings attempted to claim Sovereign Immunity, however, with the beheading (in the 1600's) of King Charles, the issue was moot. There never was and never will be soverign immunity.

In England the King was the head of the Judicial System. Therefore when a subject sued the King, the King was given the petition first and was REQUIRED by his oath to say "let right be done" and to allow the suit to go forward. There was no discretion, because the King's oath required of him the administration of "equal justice to all".

At the time of our Constitution, it was common to file suit against an unjust judge. The right to sue the judge stemed from the right to sue the King, in that the King was the head of the Courts of England.

For honest judges, the threat of suit carries no penalty. They will never violate the rights of others and therefore have nothing to fear. However, any judge intent on oppressing the people, committing crimes, or being unjust, has much to fear. Therefore, when on rare occasion, a judge of questionable character took office, that judge would attempt to protect himself from the people whom he cheated. One method to escape the wrath of justice was to claim to be "immune" from the law.

These judges knew of a way to cheat the people out of their right to justice. The American Legal System contains a flaw of which our judges are aware. The flaw is as follows: 1) Judges are to rule on cases, which then become part of the american common law. 2) Judges are to make the rules of the court under which attorneys practice. 3) Judges can control which attorneys are allowed to practice in their courts. 4) Citizens must (in most cases) rely on attorneys to bring cases before a court. 5) Attorneys are not required to bring any case before a court. Therefore, should judges demand that no attorney bring a certain type of case before the court, and should attorneys agree not to bring that type of case, then justice can be denied, without anyone being caught. This is how the rights of the citizen are stolen by our courts. The judge denies the case to the attorneys, the attorneys in order to gain the favor of the judge go along, and the public is cheated. This is the method by which your rights are stolen. An evil trade was made, judges asked to be immune from suit, attorneys asked to be relieved of serving as counsel for poor persons. The deal was made, and the people were cheated out of their rights. Now, I have discovered this evil deed by our courts. Are you going to stand with me, or assist the evil forces that have stolen your rights.

Note: Most judges do not know the information that is in this posting. Therefore, most judges, up until the day they are aware of these facts, are innocent. Once a judge becomes aware of the information on this page, it is his SWORN DUTY to see that justice is done. Any honest judge that requests information from Truth In Law Association, will be assisted so that he may determine the facts on his own.

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This page was last updated on July 12, 1998

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