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F a x R e l a y S e r v i c e . . .

To: Don Estep From: Steve Douglas, Gartin

Fax: Relay: 739-9824 Pages: 2

Phone: Message: 364-0403 Date: February 12, 1997

Re: Un Lawful Warrants CC: U.S. Attorney / Jeffco D.A.


Urgent Plaintiff charges unequal application of the law and demands equal protection

l Comments: Greetings Mr. Estep:

I received your message, relayed through Chas Clements. You can rest assured that I have no intention to instigate a physical confrontation. I am looking for ONE HONEST MAN in law enforcement or the judiciary. I am looking for one public official who believes his Oath of Office and is willing to conform his activities to those limited by written Constitution. When I find that one honest public servant, I intend to prosecute EACH and EVERY count of every deprivation of rights and every injustice that has been perpetrated upon me by dishonest, and I truly believe, criminal public "servants." My intent and fully traceable actions do not indicate any other course of action or intent. I want public officials to act with integrity and be true to their solemn oath.

Now, are you an honest man Don? Following is a private security agreement between you and I that assures me that you will honor your Oath of Office when dealing with me. You and I then have a boni fide contract under U.C.C. that puts us BOTH at risk if we don’t tell the truth and do our job.

Thus far none of the judiciary, including Henry Nieto, will agree to honor their oath of office and provide me with "due process" as guaranteed by Colorado constitution and the Bill of Rights, the Judicial Canons and the Codes of Professional Responsibility. What does that mean? I KNOW from DIRECT EXPERIENCE that no judge in Jefferson County and no law enforcement professional is adhering to even the most basic of human rights. I have been maliciously damaged by the Court and Jeffco Sheriffs and Golden Police by false arrest, StarChamber proceedings, illegal imprisonment, and more than I intend to address in this communiqué. Check the record. I have done nothing covert. Everything that I do will stand the light of scrutiny. Let’s scrutinize. If I have committed a crime, state it, let my accusers fire away, protect my right to subpoena witnesses, a jury trial, and due process and I will be content.

You sign the following agreement, arrange a JUDICIAL hearing in the proper jurisdiction, and tell me where and when and I will be happy to meet with you and the entire Jefferson County Sheriff Department, the entire Jefferson County Judiciary, and the Golden Police. I have already offered to reason with these people out of their own colorable "codes" but have not received so much as a reply.

I have been diligently trying to locate the "official Oath of Office" that every public official is required by Titles 8 & 9 of the Colorado Constitution to have on file with the County Recorder. Well, somehow they all seem to have gotten "lost." I am sure you will be honest and forthright enough to send me via FAX a copy of your Oath of Office and Bond.

Please let me know as soon as you have arranged a judicial hearing. I look forward with great anticipation to that public hearing.

I am "technically" under house arrest at this point, since the danger of being on the street cannot be understated. John Carr and Mark Stadterman, corporate cops from Greenwood Village are STALKING me and harassing and molesting my associates and business partners on a regular basis in four counties.

I asked many officials, but have not been provided an answer about proper Citizen Arrest Procedures as defined in the Colorado Constitution. I have been before most of the judges in Jefferson County and Douglas County and I have not yet found an honest man/woman doing an honest job. I would not subject any person committing a felony in my presence with such a deprivation of civil liberties that has been perpetrated upon me. It is my intent to cooperate fully with the "law of the land" as reflected in the Colorado Constitution, the Common Law and the united States Constitution. If these laws are in error - or "not in effect" please inform me so that I do not act injudiciously. Please also tell me directly where to find a magistrate of competent jurisdiction before whom to bring the arrested person as required by law.

You know my background. After service to my country in the United States Coast Guard I’ve spent a great deal of the last twenty years in service to Law Enforcement Personnel in Federal, State, Military, SWAT, FBI, BOMB Tech’s, and Sheriff Departments all over this Nation. You already know all that. Mr. Clements told me you understand and sympathize with the assault in Douglas County that began this incredible "conspiracy theory" come true. I have been a loyal Patriot all my life. Even AFTER the tortious attack by Douglas County Sheriffs, Robert McMahon and Robert Wood, I worked with your local SWAT Team and the Greenwood Village Department. I still trusted you people, especially Dave Fisher.

Michael Moler & Gang and your "JailHouse Gestapo" there in Jefferson County changed my opinion. I even went directly to the Internal Affairs, and the Chief of Police with my grievances. I was told by Bill Killpatrick, William Hayashi, and Ronald Miller very directly and under oath in proceedings in open court before many witnesses that none of them had any intention of honoring any Constitutional Guarantees or adhering to any limitations on governmental tyranny commanded by the Colorado Constitution or the Constitution of the united States of America. They say it don’t apply.

  1. I am under the presumption that I live in the Colorado Republic in the united States of America and that all public officials swear a holy oath to those constitutions and to serve with honesty and dignity The People who elected you.
  2. I believe that I have the Right to Expect you and all public officials to act in strict accordance with the "law of the land" as stated in the Colorado Constitution.
  3. I believe that I have the Right to be tried and convicted BEFORE being arrested and jailed or fined or required to post bond or any other of your many deceitful and unlawful tricks.

Now, Mr. Estep, I want you to commit to writing whether these three assumptions are correct or if not, why not? - and what conditions do prevail in Jefferson County in the Colorado Republic.

I will wait in quiet trust and faith in you to do your job relative to your Holy Oath. It will only take a brief look at the record to trace the timeline of all the problems currently before us.

Markus Bernard Merritt first assaulted, threatened, slandered, libeled, menaced and promised to "take me out" on our first meeting on June 12th, 1996. I reported and videoed the prima facie evidence of child abuse to my son Elijah at Mr. Merritt’s hands on the Thirteenth.

The Child abuse officer in Lakewood, Mr. Harris called Markus Bernard Merritt at work on the 18th at U S West, Inc. to ask him if he abused Elijah. Mr. Merritt immediately called his legal conspirator Antonio Troy Ciccarelli and his client as legal director, Tamara Ann Zehnder (alias Gartin) and conspired to "take me out" as Mr. Merritt had threatened on June 12th. They then "set up" a "fight" that never happened, filed false charges based on false testimony and conspired with Michael Moler and the "Golden Gestapo" to unlawfully arrest me.

Then whilst I’m held incommunicado, naked, and unarraigned in your private corporate jail; Mr. Merritt, who has an outstanding warrant, and restraining orders against him from his former wife, applies for bogus restraining orders in conspiracy with Pastor Zehnder and Tamara Zehnder to abduct my children in order to keep them from testifying in the bogus Golden case before Ronald Miller. Mr. Miller had the impropriety and poor judgment to rule in a case where he is a Defendant in Federal Court on felony charges. We will get into great detail when we finally get this before a jury.

The case gets more complex by the day and damages to me and my Offspring are mounting at an exponential rate due to the sheer number of Defendants. I have been denied even the Right to speak to my children on the phone nor to see them since June 18th, 1996. Damages are accruing.

There is copious official record to study if you doubt the veracity of any of my statements. No one has any reason to "fear" me unless they are a criminal, have committed crimes against the Family Gartin, and have been called into Court or notified of suit. Everything else is a fantasy created by Markus Bernard Merritt, a local informant - habitual offender - perpetrator of domestic violence - and a proven perjurer by your own police records. Doesn’t it strike you the least bit strange that you didn’t hear anything but good about me until I filed child abuse charges against Markus Bernard Merritt for bruises and abrasions I found on my son Elijah, the day after I met Mr. Merritt for the first time.

At that first meeting, Tamara Ann Zehnder threatened to kill me for the third time AND Markus Bernard Merritt threatened me with "I’ll take you out." My son was a witness to these threats and other actions in litigation now before several jurisdictions.

These common criminals have kept my children from me since Mike Moler threw me in your Jeffco Jail for not having a drivers license in my swimming suit at the Golden Community Center when I called for the Police to report Merritt for abusing my son, in my presence. There was an ACTIVE ARREST WARRANT for Merritt that was ignored while they arrested me without cause, without warrant, without direct knowledge, without implied acquiescence and totally devoid of any recognizable law or order.

The point is: Markus Bernard Merritt instigated, directed, suborned, conspired, and legally controlled the entire FRAUDULENT epic you see before you concerning me.

It will require but minimal study and research energy to see this picture clearly. Markus Bernard Merritt is a police informer. He has a legal education that he has turned to criminal ends. I’ll be pleased to help you count the counts.

Tamara Zehnder admitted under oath before Judge Hoppin , also named in Federal Civil Rights Action 95-B-1747, that she had threatened to kill me on three occasions. Markus directed her into a perfectly legal way to "take me out" and they have accomplished their intended goal of imprisoning me and taking my children away. Now I’m a criminal for proceding with civil litigation, filed by FAX after being refused the filing of criminal charges by every Police department in the area. Look at your own "colorable" rules and laws.

Even by your own standards, stacked in your favor, against the Citizen know beyond any doubt that a judicial officer prejudiced by a Federal Suit naming Judge Charles Hoppin, cannot make a judicial decision in that case. While you are at it run Ronald Miller. You will see that your own codes and rules, even if you were to "throw out the Consititution," strictly forbids such unconscionable acts by the judiciary.

It is against the "Law of the Land" to opress the Citizens of the soil. You Don, are required to uphold the Law and to protect and defend this great Nation from all enemies, "foreign & domestic." If you cannot find a copy of the Colorado Constitution or the united States Constitution or the Bill of Rights, or the Magna Carta, or the Bible . . . I am happy to be of assistance to you - just ask!

Don, I pray that my Lord Jesus will move your heart to research this case and bring me to Justice. That is all I can ask of you. If you don’t know what your responsibilities are Don, I will gladly confer with you concerning what I have learned from the Constitutions and the Common Law that form the foundation of the law that you swear an oath to. I offered this same service to both the Golden Police and the Greenwood Village Police Department and neither office seemed even remotely interested in what our Constitution defines as applicable law - the one they swore an Holy Oath to uphold.

I trust that you finally understand why my faith does not permit me to just "turn myself in?" I have yet to meet an honest man anywhere in your "government!" I will not knowingly and willing surrender my UnAlienable rights without the assurance of "due process" and you are acting outside of your professional responsibility to even consider asking me to do that. You know, jurisdiction must be proven.

Correct these glaringly obvious errors and perversions at law, Void those phony warrants, establish proper jurisdiction, arrange a PUBLIC hearing before a competent judicial officer, IN LAW, and we can get this situation cleared up. You must also understand that most of Jefferson County Judicial Officers and others are also involved in an Article III Constitutional Controversy in Federal District Court. I trust that you understand my rights under the Law and your duty to respect law and order. Obviously, I will litigate if you deprive me of my unalienable rights. Understand that is not a threat. I will follow through with all the remedies provided to the Citizen by law or by your own colorable codes and rules. Please provide me with the proper official documents quickly, so we can proceed and get this bureaucratic mess cleared up.

Also understand that DAMAGES are accruing at the rate of $50,000 per day, per defendant, per offense for each Plaintiff and for all these deprivations continuing as the direct result of these tortious actions you will find enumerated in Federal Case # 95-B-1747. You will recognize a lot of the Defendants in that case. You will find that I am not hiding anything.

The ONLY reason that I refuse to surrender to unlawful authority is that there is no way to protect myself or my children from tyranny from inside your Privately Owned and Operated Jail System, Inc. If you have never spent anytime in the confines of your own jails, without cause, you may not understand that sentiment. It is my stated purpose to see criminal public servants behind their own bars.

By the way, I also need a complete list of on-duty personnel in your booking room and in the "Classified" section of your jail during my false incarceration from June 18 to 20th. I’m sure you realize that I intend to sue them each for official misconduct under the Klu Klux Klan laws known as Title 18/42 actions. I have already made my intentions crystal clear in that regard.

I have been told directly and affidavits will be produced as evidence that the Jefferson County Sheriffs Department, The Greenwood Village Police, The Lakewood Police, and the Aurora Police are harassing and molesting my business associates in an all-out "Police Offensive" to get me unlawfully arrested. I am speaking very directly when I say that each person involved WILL BE PROSECUTED to the fullest extent of the law in both their private person and their corporate fiction. I hereby demand a full accounting of your department’s contacts with my business associates in this case. Please include name, ID number, and the proper person to accept service of summons and complaint. This is intended in Good Faith and cannot be construed as a threat of any kind. Your threat of felony prosecution toward Mr. Clement’s may be another issue entirely. He is an innocent bystander who happens to have allowed me the use of his phone line on occasion. I intend to seek damages for the warrantless assaults upon his estate by corporate cops on at least two occasions. Perhaps there will be no more such Gestapo Raids on the innocent at your command.

A Private Security Agreement to insure that Public Servants will uphold the Constitutions and inviolate rights of this Citizen is included for your signature, and then mine. Your responsibility to protect and defend my rights and to report all official misconduct is assumed by your Oath of Office. It is my sincere prayer that you will indeed accept your sworn duty to protect the inviolate rights of the Citizens and sign the following Security agreement. I really want my day in Court!

You Public Servants are treating me like a common criminal. I have no intention of tolerating the wanton and flagrant acts of opression committed upon my person by the Defendants in civil litigation. If you can provide me a better cure, or a more reasonable method of finding Justice, I will be pleased to pursue it. Until that time, I will assume that my remedies are at Law and in Law and I will proceed confidantly in that general direction. I will presume that you will suceed in righting these present wrongs. Please contact me when necessary.

I claim, retain and defend all Rights and Privileges under the Constitutions of the state of Colorado and the united States of America and at no time waive any right or privilege of my free will. I am a Citizen of the Kingdom of Jesus, the King and waive NO rights, privileges, or give implied consent to any inferior jurisdiction by any legal trick, omission, or lack of disclosure on the part of Public officials. Common Law Jurisdiction is maintained under the Peace Flag of the American Republic in Colorado.

This, and all, communications are intended in good faith and are true and correct to the best of my knowledge, knowing for certain that Jesus is the True Judge and will soon judge the "hearts" of men.

Dated this 12th day of the Second Month in the year of our Lord, Jesus, Nineteen Hundred and Ninety Seven

_Message Phone: 364-0403 Message FAX: 739-9824


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