When the President signed an Executive Order repealing the Third, Seventh, and Eighth Amendments to the US Constitution, I didn't speak up because they didn't seem important or even apply to me. As far as I knew the government never had quartered troops in private homes; and I was glad to see high bail for criminals.

When the President repealed the Fourth Amendment by Executive Order, I didn't speak up because it looked to me like it had been ignored for a long time anyway. Besides, if you have nothing to hide, who cares if they have a search warrant or not?

Next he repealed the Fifth Amendment; but since criminals had been hiding behind it for too long, I was glad to see it go. Let them be forced to testify against themselves.

Then he repealed the Sixth Amendment and they started locking up criminals without any trial. I thought that seemed like a good idea because the crazy judges had been turning dangerous criminals loose too often anyway. Now they could be kept locked up!

The President finally repealed the Second Amendment by Executive Order; and I wondered why he waited so long. Guns are too dangerous to trust people with anyway. Now only the government would have guns and we would all be safe. When the gun nuts resisted the government confiscation of their precious guns, they were shot.

When he repealed the First Amendment, I thought he had gone too far. All newspapers and news programs were under government control. When I began speaking out against this loss of my freedom of speech, they came and got me and my family. Now I'm sitting in this barbed wire detention center with armed guards all around wishing I had spoken up sooner. My group is to be executed tomorrow.

Tom Loomis-4/4/97